Atkins Diet – Good Or Bad?

Atkins Diet

Though the Atkins diet craze has died down somewhat, there are still many people who want to try it. Though I am not big on fad diets, this is one that I used with some success. I had to quit using it though, because the Atkins diet information I was finding was a bit scary. Though many of the foods on the diet are ones that people love to eat, it really isn’t that great for your heart. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it, but you should really talk to a doctor before you do.

You should find all of the Atkins diet information you can find before you begin. You don’t want to start the diet on what you think you know. If you have a heart condition, you really have to watch what you eat, and some of the foods on this diet are not good for the heart. I would not suggest that anyone use this diet if they have heart disease in their family, and some of the Atkins diet information that you find will tell you just that. Your doctor can tell you more about it, and why this diet might not be for you.

You can find Atkins diet information in many places, but if you read the books you will find what you need. You should know that there are many who think this diet is all about eating fatty steaks, bacon and eggs, but your common sense should tell you that this is not good for you. I know the diet worked for me before I quit using it, so there is something to the claims that it works, but it also is very iffy on the nutritional side. When looking for Atkins diet information, make sure you are getting real health information, and not just one person’s view of it.

This diet goes in stages, and once you get past the first stage, you are going to be eating a great variety of food, but in the beginning you are going to be pretty limited. What many leave out when talking about Atkins diet information is that you really do have to watch your portions. Many think that they can just eat the right foods, but they don’t have to watch the portion size, and they can eat whenever. You can never lose anything if you are taking in too many calories. This holds true for any and all diets.