Make The Switch To Decaf Coffee

Decaffeinated Coffee

Often I get teased by my workmates about my excess coffee consumption. It really started after giving up cola drinks last year. Although drinking water in hindsight would be the best choice, I have always had a drink in my hand. My workmates seem they could go without, but that just wasn’t me. When I don’t have a coffee, generally I have a bottle of water with me. Once I started drinking a lot of coffee I found the joys of decaf coffee.

Something had to change, so I decided to try decaf coffee beans, drinking it in the evenings. Coffee is now enjoyable and I’m not lying awake for hours wishing I could go to sleep. I used to feel exhausted, however the caffeine would stop me from getting to sleep. After switching to drinking decaf coffee, that all changed. Generally I drink a pot of coffee almost everyday, well at least when I am working, and when it comes time to go to sleep at night, the excess caffeine can make sleeping almost impossible.

An interesting thing about decaf coffee is that most of the products available in fact have at least a small percentage of caffeine in them. Whilst some do not contain any caffeine, coffee makers often find it hard to roast a decaf coffee bean so that there is no longer any amount of caffeine present in the finished coffee. I sampled different kinds to ensure I found a good decaf coffee, but even the blends with some caffeine generally won’t affect you very much unless you are highly sensitive to caffeine. If you find that you are sensitive to caffeine read the labels and try a few different brands, as I did.

I find decaffeinated coffee is just as comforting to me as regular coffee at the end of the day. I still always have a drink in my hands, but I sleep much better at night with the reduced caffeine in my body. I also make sure I have at least one glass of water between cups of coffee, and these days I feel allot more energetic than before drinking the decaf coffee.



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