Feeding Your Baby

Feeding your baby

Many mothers have problems with feeding their baby, often when they are breastfeeding. Usually, this is something that is easily overcome but that does not stop a new mother from panicking when they think they aren’t going to be able to feed their baby. Some mums have to feed their babies with a bottle for many reasons, and though this is a little easier at first, there are things that anyone feeding a baby has to remember. Although many babies are able to be fed without any issues, others often have problems.

One of the best tools to aid in baby feeding for a new breastfeeding mum is a pillow that is shaped something like a circle that does not close together. This is a great way to get the baby into proper position to reach the breast without putting strain on the mother. Baby feeding by breast also means that the nipples might end up being a little sore, and there are products on the market that are safe for baby and will offer relief for the mum.

There are also special challenges for mums decide to use baby bottle-feeding techniques. They must be sure the formula is at the proper temperature, and they have to watch how the baby is lying. Babies who feed this way get more air, and that means they have to be burped a little more than other babies. Those who breast-feed may also like to share duties with their husbands, and they may use a breast pump and use bottles for this purpose. They same rules apply in this case. Milk temperature must be perfect and the baby needs relief from built up gas after a feeding. The formula, if that is what is being fed to the baby, can often cause problems too. It might take a while to sort out what is going on.

When baby feeding any baby, it is always a good idea to have them as upright as possible. Though this might not seem quite as natural, it is a good idea in the case of acid reflux. Some infants have this and the parents simply don’t know it. They just think they have a cranky baby that cries a lot. If a child seems especially bothered after baby feeding, it could be reflux or it could be gas. Both symptoms can be treated, but the baby with reflux is going to have a hard time remaining calm.