Immune System Boosters


When it comes to good general health and resistance to disease, the strength of your immune system plays a crucial role in determining your vulnerability to simple colds, flus and a host of other more serious illnesses.

So it just makes sense to keep your immune system strong. You may well wonder what control or input you might have to accomplish this important goal.


You’ll be pleased to know that there are many natural immune system boosters in the plant world, that are both safe and effective. In addition, many of these herbs have antibiotic and antiviral components. Let’s look at a few.

One common herb that should have a permanent place in your herbal cupboard is garlic. Clinical studies show that garlic is effective against 28 different pathogens, including streptococcus. The sheer scope of its germ killing is enough of a recommendation, but garlic is also endowed with serious abilities among the immune system boosters. Garlic both strengthens and optimizes immune system function.

Lapacho, also known as Pau d’ Arco, is derived from the bark of a tree native to Peru. Lapacho is another of the terrific immune system boosters, which a “specialty” in killing viruses. When down with a cold or flu, lapacho should be a primary treatment for a quick recovery. Some herbalists claim lapacho to be such a powerful immune system stimulant, it inactivates the AIDS virus! Lapacho is also effective against a number of bacteria.

Echinacea root is well known among immune system boosters, both as a preventative measure and effective agent against ongoing illness. A powerful immune system stimulant, echinacea is also effective against a variety of fungi, bacteria and viruses. Herbalists generally concur that the variety echinacea augustifolia is superior in strength.

Myrrh, in an extract form, directly kills a variety of microbes, including fungi, bacteria and viruses that cause a range of infectious conditions. Myrrh acts as an immune system booster by increasing effectiveness of white blood cells in their attack upon the various microbes responsible for illness.

Wild indigo, although lesser known, is a powerful agent among immune system boosters, enhancing immune system function. It has been used for hundreds of years for its antibiotic effects against many dangerous bacteria and viruses. Wild indigo has the unusual ability to prevent these microbes from multiplying, causing their death and your recovery.

There are immune system boosters which are effective in inhibiting the growth of viruses. Astragalus is one such herb, of particular use in cases of chronic bronchitis.

Last, but certainly not least among our short list of immune system boosters, is the common herb thyme, always of help when dealing with infection. Try this simple experiment. Put a tablespoon of thyme in a jar and cover with boiling water. Close the jar and leave on a counter. After many months, you’ll see not a single speck of mold or growth in that jar!

Always consult your doctor before using herbs,as some may interact unfavorably with other medications or conditions.