Red Itchy Skin & Cleaning Products

vinegar is much better on your skin then chemicals

Red Itchy Skin & Natural Cleaning Products.

Its been some time since I suffered from swollen red itchy eyelids and wrists.

I was cleaning out the kitchen cupboard the other day and found some old cleaning products I haven’t used in some time.

As you do, I started using the cleaning products again. I don’t like to waste things and there wasn’t allot of product left. Fast forward 24 hours and I begin to notice I’m scratching the skin on wrists a little.

Several years ago I switched from using commercial cleaning products for natural alternatives. I was shocked to see how fast I had reacted to store bought cleaning products. I was mainly using a surface spray to clean down bench tops and the likes. I didn’t make the switch to natural products overnight, it was just a progression – not overly conscious of the change.

I decided to part with the commercial products and stick with the natural products. After changing back, the inflammation dissipated quickly and a valuable lesson learnt. With my wrists and eyelids back to normal I was feeling much happier and empowered.

When I say natural products, I don’t mean the ones at the supermarket saying natural ingredients etc. We have to realise almost anything in high concentration can really harm us. I make my own cleaning products at home.

The best thing I’ve found for cleaning and sanitising is vinegar.

I use a solution of white vinegar and water – around 50% of each. Often I add a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil and a couple of whole kaffir lime leaves to the spray bottle.

This solution works great for cleaning benches, table and general spills. I also use it in the bathroom for cleaning sinks.

I’m lucky enough to have hardwood floors throughout the house these days, I don’t miss the carpet at all! Once again, when cleaning floors I use around 20% vinegar to water in the mop bucket. The only change I make is to add a little disinfectant to the mix. Generally there’s a no shoes rule in the house, but kids will be kids!

Since using vinegar as the base for all my cleaning I don’t have the allergic and chemical reactions I used to. I still use bleach alongside the vinegar in the bathroom, but try to spend as little time near the fumes as possible, and especially not to get any solution on my feet, no matter how week. Chemical exposure will using make the soles of my feet feel like they’re burning.

Now I’m not a total hippie or anything, but this works for my household. Everything is clean and fresh and I don’t have to be worried about chemicals covering every surface being absorbed by my family.

I’ve noticed in the workplace and when visiting friends, I still have a fast reaction to allot of cleaning products. My personal least favourite isĀ aerosol can disinfectant sprays, these seem to coat the air, and remain for hours afterwards.

So I’d recommend anyone having skin issues especially with wrists, eyelids or burning feet to try some more natural cleaning solutions and see if your conditions improve. My issues really started after the birth of my eldest son, and I attribute it to spending so much time cleaning with chemical products, trying to make a safe environment for him, when I was probably actually doing more harm than good!

Let me know if you’ve had similar issues or any tips you’d like to share in the comments below.