Natural Cure For Red, Flaking, Swollen Stinging Eyelids


So I was forced to find a natural cure for red, flaking, swollen stinging eyelids. This problem was occurring more often for me, usually it lasted a day or two – however this time it was much longer.  

There are two huge problems here, firstly it’s so painful and you just want to rub your eyes.

Secondly they look so bad and also cause my vision to play up for a few minutes when my eyes are really hurting. I found a cure for my eyelids.

After months of no problems, last week my eyes were swollen and for the first time in my life I had a large stye emerge under my eyelid – not much fun as you can imagine!

I’d had the flu for a couple of weeks and I think this dropped my immune system and my eye problem began.

I went and saw a doctor, they gave me a prescription for a gel to place under my eyelid to help get rid of the stye. Gel four times a day and heat compresses often (I just put a damp face cloth in the microwave to heat it up). The more often you apply heat, the more the stye would swell, but in turn would release it’s fluid. After a few days my stye was gone.

Back on track to the stinging and red eyelids. I mentioned my swollen and flaking eyelids to the doctor when I had the stye and she said it was just part of it and would go away. Seeing I’ve this eye problem before, and never a stye – I saw it as a drop in my immune system and a separate issue.

With the stye gone, my eyes were so bad and were getting worse. I didn’t know what to put on them to relieve my pain – I tried some light moisturising cream, helped a little with the pain and stopped the eyelids from being so dry, but still had the problem. My eyes were worst in the mornings, I don’t know if this was an allergy thing with my bed etc or if I was rubbing them in my sleep. It could even be related to excessive tears etc from my eyes whilst sleeping.

I jumped on the net and decided to do some looking – it was scary. Within moments I was sure I could have liver and kidney disease, sever allergic reactions, yeast infection in my eyelid, yes it can happen, also in males as I am. It just seemed to look worse and worse, people out there seemed to suffer for weeks, some for months and others had dealt with this for years!

I was sure it wasn’t conjunctivitis related, started reading up on periorbital edema and rosacea andallergic reactions. From all my searching it seemed to be either a yeast infection or allergy problem in my case. Many people had gone to several doctors and dermatologists however couldn’t find a cure for their swollen and stinging eyelids. I came across one site and many people seemed to be getting good short term results by washing their eyelids with Nizoral shampoo – I guess if it’s yeast etc, it’s similar to dandruff conditions on your scalp – however I would really hesitate doing this.

It was late at night when I came across the Nizoral use on eyelids to relieve the flaking and swelling, did I mention itchy! So I was all set to buy some the next morning. I was still going to work as usual, but my eyes were that bad that I was looking at taking some time off.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is an amazing plant

That night whilst trying not to rub my stinging and itchy eyelids it came to me. Why not try some pure aloe vera plant from the yard? I cut a slice of aloe vera and gently wiped the gel all over my eyelids. There was only a tiny stinging feeling the first time, not as bad as when I washed them with water. The relief was almost instant, the itching of my eyelids went away – however they were still swollen and flaking skin.

Before I went to bed, I got some more aloe vera from the yard and wiped heaps of gel over my eyelids and went to bed, leaving it on my skin for the night. In the morning the flaking skin was 99% gone and the swelling and itching in my eyelids 85% better.

I continued to put aloe vera on my eyelids several times a day, not washing it off, except in the shower. The aloe vera dries clear on your skin and no one can see it there.

It’s been a couple of days now and my eyes are now 99% better. They get a little itchy now and then, but there is no swelling, redness or flaky skin on my eyelids.

If you are suffering from a similar problem, give it a try. Aloe vera is easy to grow and you only need a little slice each time so a plant or two will cover your needs.

A simple natural cure to my itchy, red, flaking and swollen eyelids – I love aloe vera.



  1. 2 weeks ago we went on Alaska cruise and land tour. My flaking, burning eyelids completely went away. Completely. I’m hone 24 hours (No. Texas) and it starts again! One point I thought it was a fungus from the yard, then I I might be allergic to dog or cat or something in my room. I too just started pulling aloe out of yard & trying it!

  2. I’m going to start using it right now on my red, itchy, rubbed-raw and flaking eyelid. I’ll take some before and after pictures and if you’re interested in checking them out, please let me know. I also have been searching the web, and this seems exactly like my issue. I’ll report back, but if I get busy, please don’t hesitate to email me if you’re interested. Thank you so much for this!!